Is this the final planting in the riverside?

  February 2010
















This intriguing image shows volunteers planting trees in Coed Wen - is it the final planting?



Pictures: Jeremy Herbert

THE "last ever" seed planting of the Nantwich Riverside Project was planned to take place on Sunday, February 14, 2010.

   That was how the Crewe and Nantwich Guardian (February 11) described it. In fact, according to Jeff Stubbs, Chairman of the embryonic Greenspaces group, it was a "practical volunteers' session". As he said: "Seed sowing wasn't appropriate at this time but we planted 40 trees in Coed Wen (across the road from the Lake) and then a dozen of us walked down towards the town and did some willow coppicing.

   "James Thompson (Nantwich Riverside Project Officer) explained items of interest from the Riverside Project as we went along. We were joined by the River Bailiff for part of the session and learned a lot about the river as well. The harvested willow will be kept until it can be used by local schoolchildren for continuing the willow-weaving projects that are in evidence along the riverside."

   Concern is growing about the end of funding for the Riverside Project as letters to the local press show. Jeff told me: "A number of acquaintances have spoken to me in the past week to say how worried they were about the Riverside Project not being able to proceed. I have taken every opportunity to let them know how the new Greenspaces group is trying to get established and take things forward again.

   "We have received lots of support from many quarters of the town. At the Civic Service of the Nantwich Town Council (February 7), the sermon included a reference to Greenspaces and the Riverside.

   "I also spoke to Nantwich Town Council on the 8th to brief them about the situation and to ask for their views. They supported the general direction


and have asked me to let them know how matters develop regarding finding funding. We have also met Edward Timpson MP at his surgery. He took a genuine interest and offered us his support, promising to write on our behalf to the Leader and the Chief Executive of Cheshire East Council.

   "After several communications between us and councillors, we have managed to secure a key meeting


with Cheshire East Councillors and Senior Officers to put our case to them for funding us in the future."

   Watch this space.

lJames Thompson's role as Nantwich Riverside Project Officer ceased when Cheshire East Council took over from Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council, but he later became Executive Director of Greenspaces South Cheshire CIC.

The team that planted trees in Coed Wen. The group includes Alderman Doug Butterill (left) - a regular visitor to Coed Wen in his role of Chairman of Nantwich in Bloom - and James Thompson (second right) who was formerly Nantwich Riverside Project Officer.

Council promises support to Greenspaces


JAMES THOMPSON (right), of Greenspaces South Cheshire CIC, reports on the latest position with the new organisation:

   "We met with five Cheshire East Councillors and four senior officers on Tuesday, February 23 (2010), to discuss potential funding for our start-up and to get the Riverside Project going again.

   "It gave us a good opportunity to air our case and concerns



about what would happen to the Riverside area if it was not provided with appropriate resources.

  "They took on board what we were saying and all seemed to agree that we were "a good thing" and said that we had their support.

  "They said that they would see what they could do to try to find some funding, so we will see what transpires."

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