WHENEVER a visitor to the website asks a question about Nantwich, I usually know something about the subject, but find myself passing it to a man who I am sure will know much more about it, Andrew Lamberton. And if he doesn't know all about something, he knows where to find the details.

   However, after he has received a constant deluge of unwelcome e-mails of a tasteless nature - the sort that many computer owners receive - it has been decided to delete the e-mail address to which website visitors were invited to send questions. So, sorry you cannot ask any more questions.

  The pages of answers already published will remain on the website, so you can at least read what other website visitors asked.  


  Andrew has also answered many questions - on the This and That page, the Old Nantwich Pictures pages and the Changing Scenes pages. Those pages will also remain on the website and you can still find facts there.  

   Andrew is a published author - along with his colleague, the late Robin Gray - with books on lost buildings in and around Nantwich. He also

co-wrote "Nantwich", in the "Britain in Old Photographs" series of books, with Anne Wheeler for Nantwich Museum.


Historical notes also appear in Family Lines - as well as

the information on family trees


Other Special Articles by Andrew: History of The Dowery | Lantern slides of Willaston School | Housing development street names


Use this index to find the answers Andrew has given to various questions

Part 1

Tracing explorer's childhood home

Information about The King William pub

Changes where uncle's shops stood

Sales rep who lived in a town mansion

Helped to construct Hack Green's "Secret



Part 2

Name on war memorial inspired research

More thoughts on Enoch Moulton

Seeking school where family members worked

    during the war

Information sought on Parkfield House

Was there a Royal Oak in Swine Market?

House with Arts and Crafts "pretensions"


Part 3

Victoria Street? Where was that?

I have lots of relatives in Nantwich

Are there pre-houses pictures of Crofts?

Were there two pubs on the same site?

Was relative a town centre licensee?

Plane crash in Nantwich recalled

Peacetime mid-air collision in countryside

Part 4

Which was Central School with Scout troop?

What did Wall Lane Cottages look like?

Quiz question has me stumped

Wasn't "The Potting Shed" just one bar?

Seeking information about Lingard Arms


Part 5

Can you name Mersey Tunnel trippers?

I couldn't find old row where grandfather lived

Seeking information on Nantwich shops

We cannot find mention of streets

Needles recall old drapery shop


Part 6

Remembering pupils from 1950s

Research found innkeeper and maltster

In my father on Tannery photograph?

Was there a Durham Heifer here?

Does Black Horse Inn still exist?

When did Wood Street School close?

Part 7

Market Street School memories

Are there any more photos of school?

When were the streets re-numbered?


Part 8

Do you know these myths and legends?

Where are Mount View Cottages?

Family shocked by dispersal of items

How many people are there living in town? 


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