What do you know about The Dowery?

And this time it is Andrew asking website visitors . . . !

IT IS normally Andrew giving information after a visitor to "A Dabber's Nantwich" website has asked a question. Here, Andrew is seeking the help of website visitors after finding himself in need of information.

   Andrew writes: ďI have been asked about the history of The Dowery, in Barker Street, Nantwich. I have some . . .  Among other things, I remember being weighed at the clinic there when I was around five years old which would be around 1950.

   "The clinic ran from at least the mid 1930s up to at least 1972 and I would like to find out more about it.

  "It was run by Cheshire County Council and was, of course, before the National



Health Service, which didnít come in until 1948. I know that Mr Sheasby, the school dentist, was based there.

   "I havenít found out why it is called The Dowery. Certainly the historian, James Hall, who wrote a History of Nantwich, never mentions the name, so I think it is a late naming."

   More recently, Cooper Taylor accountants operated from The Dowery. It is now occupied by a firm of solicitors.

   Do any website visitors have any reminiscences of the clinic at The Dowery or The Dowery itself? We would love to hear about them.

  Here are some pictures featuring The Dowery

Members of staff of The Dowery pose for a picture at the rear of the building around 1940.


Note the ornate gatepost in the background, right.


There are 60 nursing personnel pictured and we can name two.

Dora Green is fifth from the left in the front row and Muriel Gilford is third from left in the

second row from the back.


l More names here





The picture is from Andrew's personal collection. 






Left and below: convalescing soldiers and their nurses in the rear garden of The Dowery during the First World War.

In the foreground is the River Weaver - at different levels in different seasons.

The river still flows past the building, although The Waterlode - the town's inner ring road - has been constructed between the garden and the river since the pictures were taken.


Pictures courtesy of

Nantwich Museum







A modern image of the front of The Dowery. The late 17th century building has a Dutch gable as a feature of its rendered front.

 At the rear of the property, a bend in The Waterlode as it heads for the bridge over the River Weaver between High Street and Welsh Row, cuts through what was the right-hand side of the garden in the wartime images above. Trees now shade a footpath constructed where

the soldiers and nurses are pictured.

 On the other side of the inner ring road, in the

 garden, there are more trees and parking spaces for the cars of the staff of the firm of solicitors now

 in The Dowery.


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