Barony Park 


Leisure and history on this area of parkland


THE sports complex to the left of centre of this panorama of the Barony Park is a replacement for a pavilion that was burned down a number of years ago.

   The pavilion was used by Nantwich Cricket Club before they moved to their own ground a short way away in Whitehouse Lane.

   There are tennis courts to the far left of the sports complex. Some have been laid out now for five-a-side football.

    A children's playground is to the left and a skateboard area to its right. Local football teams use the park, but cricket clubs don't do so any more. That always gave it a real village green atmosphere in the summer.

   The park was also the venue for town events such as the annual Carnival - or Family Fun Day, as it later came to be called. It hasn't been held for a few years now. But the park is still used for triathlon events and - again, used to be - for The Nantwich Transport Festival.

   In passing, the original town Carnival was a big attraction at Brookfield Park - on the other side of town


- every June in the 1960s and ' 70s until it ceased to be held.

   Leisure activities apart, the area was once designated as Beam Heath land, with what (on a map I saw) appears to be large pools on it. There is also an area - I won't pinpoint it - that was once a land fill site. But that is now a very useful - and firm - part of the area.  

   As you will see from the pictures, Barony Park is not a park in the Crewe Park and London parks sense - there are no pathways across undulating land.  

   People use it for dog walking and jogging, and


there are some seats. But it is mainly a very pleasant open space used for activities as described.

   Coronation Gardens (pictured below, left) has a circular area in the centre with low hedges enclosing seats. It is across Barony Road from Barony Park.


lLocation: On the outskirts of town, in Barony Road. This is at the end of Beam Street (or Millstone Lane if you are visiting from the Hospital Street direction!)

lOpening times: This is open park land with no closing times.

lAdmission: Open land with no admission charge, although there may be fund-raising events for which an admission charge is made.

lDisabled access?: Level access from adjoining footpaths.

lWebsite:  None.


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