Bloom's new award unveiled on the station
 March 2014

Nantwich in Bloom - Working for the enviroment


A FIFTH totem (railway station sign to non-railway enthusiasts) now adorns the wall at Nantwich's Railway Station.

   It is the In Bloom 2013 award from the Best Kept Stations awards, which the Nantwich in Bloom Committee is the first to win. (Awards ceremony here).


Tom Deans, Chairman of Nantwich in Bloom, said:

“Once again Nantwich Railway Station has come up proud for the town. This is all due to the work of the members of the Nantwich in Bloom and a former Chairman, Doug Butterill, who must be mentioned.  He made this a one-man mission to bring Nantwich back into modern times.

  "I am so pleased that we have again been recognised with such an award. Thank you very much everybody and particularly the hard workers on the committee.”   


Cllr John Lewis, Nantwich Town Mayor, said: “I can only second that as Mayor. I think there has been some excellent work by Nantwich in Bloom and all the people involved, and particularly Doug Butterill as Chairman. It is nice to remember him and the good work he did.

   “I have a personal connection with the station flower beds because I designed the original layout some years ago. It is nice to see how excellently it has been


maintained by everybody. So thank you to everyone.” 


Mark Betteley, Vice-Chairman, Nantwich in Bloom, said:

”We should thank Arriva Trains Wales who this year donated the bulbs to us. We ordered probably 200 to 300 bulbs. As you can see, the beds are looking marvellous.

   "Also we have two water butts which they have provided, and which will help us enormously. The station is a very difficult area to water. The butts are absolutely full of water at the moment and will last us quite a while. We must thank Arriva Trains Wales for their support. “


Kim Hawkins, of Arriva Trains Wales, Shrewsbury, said:

“The dedication of local volunteers has transformed stations such as this and brought them back into the heart of the community. People who use the station appreciate how much difference the work has made. It shows your work is being noted every single time. Hats off to all of you for the work you put in. We do appreciate it because it wouldn’t be like this if it was left to us.” 


Above: The Town Mayor of Nantwich (Cllr John Lewis, third left) and the Chairman of Nantwich in Bloom (Tom Deans; fourth left) after the unveiling of the new In Bloom award. Also pictured (Nantwich in Bloom Committee members unless otherwise identified) are: Connie Jones (left), Margaret Lavin (right of Tom Deans), David Lind, Mark Betteley (Deputy Chairman), Jean Hallam, and Sue Hughes (Secretary, far right). Mrs Pauline Lewis (Mayor's Consort) is second left and the Nantwich Station Manager, Shelley Hall, is second right. 


Above: Chairman, Tom Deans, and Vice-Chairman, Mark Betteley, discuss the water butts supplied and financed by Arriva Trains Wales.





Left: Some of the 200 to 300 bulbs provided by Arriva Trains Wales for the station's raised flower beds and planters.  

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