Home built on the old Peacock site

LEFT is the new home, built in 2009, which now stands on the site of the Old Peacock Hotel in Crewe Road, Willaston, Nantwich. Above is the building that stood their previously.



THE old Peacock pub in Crewe Road, which stood at the end of the terrace known as Brook Buildings, has been demolished. "Luckily," said Andrew, "I took a photo (above right) and included it in my second book."

   According to that book "Lost Buildings Outside Nantwich", the inn had one guest bedroom in 1891.The pub's licence is believed to have been transferred to the "new" Peacock Hotel further up the road in the 1950s. 

  The building stood in the dip in Crewe Road next to a brook just inside the town boundary with Willaston

  Right is the scene in mid-February 2008 with a digger excavating the site. Below are pictures I took in February 2008 as work progressed on the replacement building.

   The cattle are seen on the neighbouring farm (the wall is to the right of the "progress" picture, right.






The old Peacock Inn site is in the middle distance, with the excavator. Brook Buildings is the terrace row running along Crewe Road to Nantwich town centre, far distance. The brook which gives the houses their name is flowing in a curve at the edge of the field (foreground). 







Left is the same scene as seen from Crewe Road





Right: The old name sign on the Nantwich end of the terrace, Brook Buildings.





The digger excavates what was presumably the inn's cellar - or is it just the foundations? Could they be white painted walls around the edge of the depression?

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