The sinking town square needs attention

 September 2009






Members of Nantwich Civic Society launch the Nantwich Town Centre Street Audit in The Square. Fourth from the left is Cllr Chris Farrall and fifth from the right is Cllr Arthur Moran indicating cardboard left on the street.           Picture: Jeff Stubbs

NANTWICH Civic Society has launched a survey of streets in the town centre to "find out what particular problems there are with the appearance and safety of the street surfaces, street furniture and individual buildings."

   They used a simple guide originally put together by English Heritage and the Women’s Institute for the Save our Streets Campaign. Society members were joined by Nantwich Town Councillors when they launched their latest project in mid September.

   The Chairman Jeff Stubbs said later: "The photograph shows the party of volunteers looking at cracked paving slabs, a badly maintained commercial building, cracked windows, peeling paint and a huge pile of cardboard left overnight. All this was on one major town centre pathway to the main entrance of the church."

   He added: "Some of the things we looked at included sinking pavements, seating that could do with a good lick of varnish and a clutter of four separate No Entrance signs in the same place by the side of the Swine Market.

   "Nantwich has a new council that is keen to maintain and improve people and places. We hope to support them in this by highlighting some of the areas that need maintenance.

   "We have a lovely town square but its brick paving was completed more than 25 years ago and it is starting to show its age with loose bricks, unsympathetic tarmac and major parts sinking. We will bring this to the attention of the new council and ask for their views



on what the options are for it. We need to plan for these things if we are  going to maintain and improve an important part of the town.  "The walk also highlighted some good points: good position and supply of litter bins, good quality seating in the main square and – as the photo shows – the recent maintenance work on the church looks wonderful.

   "We are pleased that on the walk we had town councillors Chris Farrall and Arthur Moran to help us and we hope to work closely with the town council as we get further on.

   "The initial walkabout forms the first part of a wider health check on streets and buildings in the centre of town that we are carrying out. We hope to be able to lobby for improvements to the town centre's conservation area.

   "We have been in touch with Cllr Jamie Macrae, portfolio holder of prosperity at Cheshire East Council to let him know we are doing this survey and to ask for his, and his officers', help in the future. We shall also be contacting owners of buildings that need some attention."


l To find out more about the health check, or the work of the Nantwich Civic Society, contact Jeff Stubbs on 01270 625272.

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