The last of the path information signs is in place














The Chairman of Nantwich Civic Society, Jeff Stubbs (right) shows the Town Mayor of Nantwich, Cllr Graham Fenton, some of the features of the seventh sign. Looking on are Doug Butterill (Nantwich in Bloom), James Thompson (Chief Executive of Greenspaces South Cheshire C.I.C.) and Town Councillor Penny Butterill.






JEFF STUBBS, Chairman of Nantwich Civic Society, tells of the project to  erect seven information signs along the Riverside

for the benefit of walkers using the area's footpaths. 




BUSY cleaning up areas of the Riverside and removing weeds and litter, volunteers working under the auspices of Nantwich Civic Society noticed that visitors to the town were getting lost as they set out on the network of footpaths that had been created. They didn't seem to know where the pathways went or that they could reach other parts of the town by using them.

   The idea of two-sided signs, showing things to see in a particular part of the town, and including a map of the Riverside, was born early in 2012. (One face of the Mill Island sign is pictured right).   

   We also realised that there was lots of local history and natural history to tell people about. So the Civic Society applied to Nantwich Town Council for a grant for seven signs. They awarded it to us and wanted us to use the services of another community-based group in the area Greenspaces South Cheshire C.I.C to develop the content with the help of local groups.

   We consulted Cheshire Wildlife Trust, Nantwich Museum, Nantwich in Bloom, and Nantwich Anglers. We also consulted Cheshire East Council's footpaths team, led by Genni Butler, over the content and information on the signs.
   The former Riverside Project Officer, James Thompson, who is now a director of Greenspaces South Cheshire - a Community Interest Company - researched and co-ordinated the content along with Nantwich Civic Society members and Doug Butterill of Nantwich in Bloom.
   The reasons for these signs were:

      o to inform residents and visitors alike about their environment;

      o what they can see all around them as they walk along the river and lake side;

      o to give some historical information and photographs about the localities of each sign; and

      o to provide maps of the footpaths and connections to the wider area.


We decided that there were seven key locations where signs would best serve the public from the south end at Nantwich Lake and Coed Wen to the Reaseheath end at Beam Bridge, via the Nantwich Swimming Pool and Shrewbridge Road car park.

   I am very pleased with the result and have had compliments about them. We want to thank the Town Council for their commitment to local groups and improving facilities in the town. I particularly want to thank Cheshire East's Streetscape Team, who did most of the installation work as their contribution in kind towards this great


community co-operation scheme. We hope to continue our work to improve facilities for the people of Nantwich whether through clean ups, campaigns or projects such as this.


OTHER local groups credited on the signs are Nantwich Concern and Nantwich Mill Hydroelectric Generation Ltd.


AFTER being shown the final sign to be erected, at the Waterlode entrance to Mill Island, the Town Mayor, Cllr Graham Fenton said the Civic Society and the groups had done a fantastic job with the signs and he thanked everyone involved.




THE sign has been erected where there was once a tree. No, the tree

 wasn't "sacrificed" to make way for the sign. It had become a danger

to passers-by and was felled for their safety.    











An aerial view of Nantwich Mill (which was demolished after a fire) - a detail from one of the pictures on the Mill Island board. The top left-hand part of the building - straddling the River Weaver - is where the entrance to Mill Island is now located. The Waterlode had yet to be constructed.

Nantwich Mill










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