An urgent study is needed over town car parking

 October 2015 - updated December 2015


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JEFF STUBBS, Chairman of Nantwich Civic Society, in an open letter to Cheshire East Council, calls for an urgent Traffic and Parking Study and Plan for Nantwich

Dear Sirs,

   Nantwich Civic Society held its monthly meeting yesterday (October 20th, 2015).

   The new “For Sale” signs around the former gas works in town has stimulated questions about what will happen to the cars that park there currently when the site is developed.

   Members raised questions and concerns - and held a detailed but frustrating discussion about the forthcoming problems from displaced parking when the St. Annes Lane / former Gas Works site is sold off.

   Whilst St. Anne's Lane has never been an official car park, it holds approx 200 vehicles each day.

   When this site is developed all these vehicles will be displaced into the rest of the town, especially “free parking” clogging up residential streets.

   There appears to members to be no plan for accommodating them.

   Already, members report local streets being blocked by workers' cars around the centre and it is spreading further out all the time.

   There are no answers, currently, that we know of to

this rising tide of traffic-related problems in our town.

   Although there has been a story in the press about a by pass, we are not aware that a town study is already in progress. Thus, our members wish to stress the urgent need for a traffic and parking study leading to a set of solutions to current and future problems.

   Civic Society members are not alone in town for having real concerns about future parking and traffic requirements arising from the many hundreds of new houses already being built or planned for the town and surrounding parishes.

    The Civic Society recognises the economic benefits of new development, but we are worried because we are not aware of any plans being put in place for 

accommodating more cars and people.


One of the new signs about the former gas works site

  Can you tell us, please, what you are either already doing or plan to do in the near future to examine the needs for the future traffic and parking requirements of the town?

   Any study should obviously contain a serious element of public consultation.

   The society has already furnished CEC with some suggestions for expanding parking spaces in and around existing car parks (Partnership Walkabout in February 2015), but these additional spaces are just a drop in the ocean of parking needs over the next

five years or so.


   Society members make these suggestions in a spirit of helpfulness because the best interests of our town will be served by an urgent study and strategy.

   We do not want to slide into more parking problems for residential streets and traffic chaos in the future.

   We look forward to receiving your reply.


Jeff Stubbs,


Nantwich Civic Society.

The former site of the gasworks now used as an unofficial car park off St Anne's Lane.

Left: The copse next to the car parking area is part of the site that is offered for sale. This is as it is seen from St Anne's Lane and St Anne's Court. The path on the right of the image leads to the bridge over the River Weaver.

Pictures: A Dabber's Nantwich

For more on the gasworks site - plus development plans for the Snow Hill car park - and information about the Sandbach development company Engine of the North, visit






TWO gasometers - or gas holders - stand on the gasworks site on the bank of the River Weaver in 1938.

   Above these, to the top left of the image can be seen St Anne's Church and school with the Manse (the square building) above it.

   The future site of the Millfields housing estate is the field behind the Manse - in the top left of the image.

   Welsh Row arcs its way round the top right corner of the image, and just in from the right and a little more than half way up the image is Whitehall with its large garden behind it.  

   The image is the copyright of Historic England and supplied by Britain from Above (Aerofilms images). Strict reproduction and use conditions apply.


The Gas Works, Nantwich, 1938 - Britain from Above




To access the picture on the

Britain from Above website

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                  A PLANNING PROPOSAL  FOR THE SITE                                                                                Comment by Dabber

THE well-known trio of Nantwich businessmen, the Schofield Brothers are behind a plan to give the soil-surfaced, pot-holed unofficial car park in St Anne's Lane a facelift in a spectacular way.

   Their plan - revealed at the November 9, 2015, meeting of Nantwich Town Council - includes a three-storey 20-bedroom hotel, 28 apartments, coffee shops, business units and a 100-space car park.

   To see just how spectacular this would be click on this link: Vision for Nantwich Ltd, and view the video. Be prepared to be amazed.

  The website content - one video and a brief comment - asks for "Like" votes as a guide to how popular the idea would be to townspeople - and to help the three men to decide whether to invest further money into the idea!

   The great plan for the site is matched by a great video, with just one possible quibble. I


would have liked there to be either a commentary or captions on the images. But, it is easy enough to see that a tree will be a feature of the Welsh Row end of the entry to the development - currently a fairly narrow Wych (not Wyche, gentlemen!) House Bank which would be wider with the demolition of the Simply Thai restaurant. 

   The design of the hotel, a host of new buildings, ornate street lights and - in the drawings in the video - people enjoying walking in the area, all add to a great feeling about the site if the plan can be achieved. And why wouldn't it be?

   I didn't see the 100 car parking spaces which are said to be available in part to the public - and which would help to fill a gap in the car-parking provision in Nantwich (see the Civic Society's letter to the council) but I have no doubt they will be there when the time comes.  


    This is how the River Weaver looks at the moment as it flows past the site before turning left towards the Welsh Row Bridge.

Hotel and apartments plan (Nantwich News website) | More pictures of Nantwich from the air | St Anne's Court | Whitehall | Footbridge over the River Weaver

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