Volunteers get to work

   July 2012                   









Volunteers from Barclays Bank headquarters at Knutsford at work tidying up The Old Biot area on a bank above the River Weaver - before the rain set in


A FRUITFUL partnership between members of Nantwich Civic Society and staff from Barclays Banks' Knutsford headquarters has succeeded - for the second year running - in getting to grips with some jobs that helped make our town a better place to be in and look at.
    Day One (July 19) saw 10 volunteers clearing the brambles and weeds from around The Old Biot, off the Waterlode, near to the Welsh Row bridge.

   The heavy rain prevented the planned painting of the old





THE Chair of Nantwich Civic Society and of Greenspaces South Cheshire CIC, Jeff Stubbs, reports on the Civic Society's two Volunteer Days


cast iron railings next to the bridge but, undaunted, they moved on to weed and nettle clearance down towards Mill Island. That's the team (left) at the end of a busy day, with many bags of unwanted vegetation.


ANOTHER team enjoyed excellent weather the following week (July 26) - even if it was perhaps a little too hot at times - and finished off the long-planned painting of the railings.

   Another group, none of whom had been to Nantwich before, were mildly surprised to realise that the River Weaver ran through the middle of the town. "You can hardly see it from the other side of the main road" said one member as they approached from Swine Market.
   So, they decided to get stuck in and clear all the creepers from the railings flanking the riverside right down to the bridge to Mill Island.

   Assisted by members of the Civic Society, they filled 50 bags of weeds, low-hanging branches and creepers which were left for collection by Cheshire East Council for composting.
   As well as all this, others went on a major nettle clearance around the river bridges, to help pedestrians who might otherwise get stung. It all looks really tidy now, as well as being safer for passers-by.
   The Barclays staff were pleasantly surprised by our town as they had not previously experienced the delights of Nantwich and they all wanted to come back again.


Cllr Christine Farrall and husband, David, with Jeff Stubbs after the work of clearing a view down to the river from the Waterlode, and clearing weeds and nettles from Mill Island.

WE are really pleased that the Barclays staff helped us so much. Along with our own volunteers, we have once again done something to make Nantwich an even better-looking place.
   We are doing the bits of detailed, fiddly, maintenance that the Council aren't able to do these days.
  Cheshire East's Streetscape Team have, once again, been really helpful in providing some tools and equipment, as well as taking all the weeds and litter for recycling.

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