"Lost" relative found

A MAN who relatives in America were trying to trace has been found - through "A Dabber's Nantwich".

   Mrs Jean Heart contacted me after reading this website and decided that "it looks like you know Nantwich really well and probably know most of the people that have lived there." The wife of the man was born in Nantwich.

   Jean is a friend of a family who live in "a small fishing village in Hyde County called Engelhard" and who were trying to contact their half brother, Colin Barrow, last heard of in Crewe in 1984. They were planning a reunion and wanted Colin and his family to be there.

   Jean suggested there might be a Colin Barrow, electrician, listed in the Nantwich phone book. There wasn't, but there were two listings for a C. Barrow. I e-mailed the phone numbers to Jean and the first one she dialled was Colin.

   Then came another e-mail from Jean saying: "Through your help we have found and spoken to Colin and his wife, Babs."

   I also suggested that Jean should contact The Nantwich Chronicle to see if they could run a letter in the nostalgia column about their search for Colin. But he was found before the newspaper could help.

   In her letter, Jean explained that back in 1984, a brother, Leon (Shine) Gibbs called on Colin and his


family when they were living "just outside Crewe". She said "Shine had been serving in Germany and was on his way back to American so their visit was very short. Just a few hours.

   "Colin said he was preparing to move. We do not know where, but we assume he stayed in Cheshire. The family is very close-knit and they are having a large family reunion on June 20th. We would like Colin and his family to come and help with the arrangements."

   Despite having two days of surgery, Shine has spoken to Colin, as has Jean.

   She told me: "It turns out Colin and his son, Jason, were trying to locate my family, but ran into the same problems we had navigating the ancestry-type web sites and got over loaded with the amount of hits."

   Jean concluded: "But, all is straight now, John. We all really do appreciate your time and effort. I can tell you there were many tears of joy today. If I ever get to come to Cheshire I will be sure to come and say thank you again in person."

   Since writing the above notes, Jean contacted the Crewe Blog (see note >>).  She now adds: "It turns out that Colin and Babs cannot come to America this year as his work scheduled holds him back until next year.  

   "I have received replies to the blogs from Jules, Clive Wood and Tim Green.


    "Jules was kind enough to send the messages to me.

   "Clive played Sunday League football with Colin about 25 years ago and found he was a tough opponent.  

    "Tim went to primary school with Colin's son Lee and is one of his Facebook Friends.

   "All of these messages I passed onto Hilda and her response was that a happy teenage-girl.This is not only a close-knit hard working family, they also have God in their lives - and it shows. And, the whole family also has a wicked sense of humour!


lCOLIN is a member of the family of the late Leland Gibbs who was born in America. Colin was born in Halton, Runcorn, Cheshire, and his wife, Barbara J. Locke, was born in Nantwich. They were married in 1967 at St John's Church, Doddington, near Nantwich. The couple are now believed to have three children.


A look at Engelhard


NOTE: The Crewe Blog news site no longer exists, although the domain name it used is in use. There is a This Is Crewe news website on Twitter.  I say that in the interests of fairness. I do not run Crewe area links normally.

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