Walking around the Lakeside path


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A lady walking the Lakeside path with two dogs sits at one of the picnic tables to admire the view - towards the town. (The second, smaller, dog is to the left of the table!)

AN area that was marked on an 1897 map of Nantwich as "Liable to floods" has become a pleasant area in recent years. It was created as Nantwich Lake in 1975 - clearly an obvious use for the area.

   The lake is at the southern end of the Nantwich Riverside Project which enhanced areas along the River Weaver. With the advent of Cheshire East Council in 2009, the project was phased out for financial reasons, but a new body called Greenspaces South Cheshire CIC has stepped in to fill the gap.  


   One of the last jobs carried out by the Projectwas to create a footpath all round the lake. At one point, the path runs between the lake and the River Weaver as it flows south past the lake. Several picnic tables were put up along the path.

   This page was first added to the website in 2008, one of those years with a poor summer, weatherwise. Pictures from that time were cloudy and grey. These lakeside pictures were taken in a sunnier June 2010.  

   If you visit the Lake at the moment you will find


that you cannot park on the Lakeside car park. A 3.5million scheme to run pipes under, and over, the river has been delayed until August. It should have finished last winter but Severn Trent Water found that the bridge needed some attention. They decided to do the work now rather than come back later.

   There is, however, an alternative car park a few yards along Shrewbridge Road, from the road junction by the entrance to the Lake heading towards the town centre - but not as far as that!.   




A view of the lake looking south


There is no cafe at the lake - but swans and ducks dine well, begging from visitors


A section of the lake side path. (The lake can be glimpsed through the trees on the left)


A black and white cottage across Shrewbridge Road viewed from the lake   On the return section of the path, a view towards a farm in the Nantwich countryside   A view of the lake looking northwards towards the town

Down by the riverside

I'm not sure whether the flowing river or man created this little island. The picture on the right might give a clue. 

No doubt about this small pond by the riverside walk just behind Shrewbridge Road. A team is hard at work on it.   Picture: Alderman Doug Butterill

Two views (different directions) of the same bridge on the riverside walk approaching the lake area.

Early days of the Bluebell Walk

THESE pictures (left and far left) of the Bluebell Walk, planted in September 2007 by staff of Barclays' Bank,  show that - for the time being - it was more of a Bluebell Stroll, but nonetheless pleasant for all that. In fact, when these pictures were taken (May 1, 2008), not all the blooms were out. The main plants in the area were the nettles, but in successive years the bluebells spread and became the more dominant plant. The Bluebell Walk is in a riverside area nearer to town.


Later in the month the nettles were still winning the battle (above).

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