A Letter from Nantwich

May 2013                                                                                                                                                                             Updates

Redirected signs in town centre are a pain


    These are the only public toilets in town still open (except on Bank Holiday Mondays when they are closed) and the last thing someone with an urgent need of a toilet wants to be doing is to be walking in the wrong direction.

    The signs at the top of the post, pointing  away from the camera (picture left), to Nantwich Tourist Information Centre and Shopmobility - are correctly aligned. Perhaps that "finger" was too high for the vandals to reach.

   "Welsh Row Shopping / River Weaver" is vaguely correct. Although I would have turned it 45 degrees to the left - directly behind the camera - to point down High Street in a corner of The Square. But perhaps the Cheshire East Council employees who set up the finger post were told to keep to 90-degree alignments.

   Yes, although this is Nantwich Town Centre, the signs don't come under the control of Nantwich Town Council. Cheshire East Council is the highways authority and while The Square is pedestrianised, vehicles can access certain parts of it, making it a highway (if not a road) I suppose. 

    The sign "Town Square / Museum", at the bottom of the post in the picture above, is pointing away from The Square - which is to the right of the picture. And while Nantwich Museum is in the general direction of the brick building in the far distance you do have to walk round the churchyard and on to The Square before turning left to get to "the home of the town's history".

    There are other finger posts in town but they don't seem to be affected to the same extent. Not on the vandals' route home?


 UPDATES (July 2013): I UNDERSTAND that the signs have been correctly realigned and the screws that had fallen out of the back of some of them (meaning the fingers cannot be turned without the screws being removed) have been securely replaced. A long as a screwdriver isn't part of a vandal's nights-out kit.

   SOME shops and places such as Nantwich Museum have signed up to a scheme which allows people to use their toilets without having to make a purchase - although I'm sure the proprietors will hope people will look around the premises and possibly buy something! There is no charge for this service.


Street signs in the town centre

SPOT the mistake in this picture? These are signs on a finger post in The Square in the centre of Nantwich. The market and St Mary's church are indicated as being to the left. But the church is clearly seen in the background. The market and toilets are further down the street in the same direction, to the left of the church.

   Vandals have struck by turning signs in the wrong directions. Is it just because they are able to do so? I've no idea how much effort is needed to turn signs - but a round bracket on a round posts wouldn't offer much resistance. Better still, how about square posts with square brackets (octagonal ones for an extra accurate finger post) which would mean they couldn't be turned.

    Maybe the vandals get a five-second "buzz" as they turn the signs and go off down the street laughing at the chaos they have caused and looking for further trouble to cause.   

    Have they spent the evening in one or more of the town's pubs and so aren't thinking straight? Or do they just not care as long as they have their fun?

   The "finger" indicating the toilets, at the side of the market, was particularly a nuisance.  Clearly the vandals have never been "caught short" and unable to find toilets while in Nantwich, or anywhere else, for that matter.



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