A Letter from Nantwich

October 2015

There are no two ways about it










The High Street end of Pillory Street, with no barrier (road signs) stopping cyclists riding the wrong way 



IT'S an accident waiting to happen.

   The pedestrianised town centre used to include two streets with clearly defined rules. If you drove, or cycled, across The Square - a part of High Street - you turned left into Hospital Street at the T-junction because Pillory Street, which faced you, was a one-way street.

   That is still the case, but there are no No Entry signs at the High Street end of Pillory Street.

   Are the two streets regarded as one now? There are No Entry signs at the Pratchitt's Row end of Hospital Street, which stops vehicles going the wrong way down it. But these are two streets, not one L-shaped thoroughfare.  

   Cyclists can frequently be seen cycling the wrong way along Pillory Street - although I have yet to see one in Hospital Street. Perhaps I just missed them.

   Apart from riding the wrong way down either street being a danger to the cyclists because of oncoming traffic, pedestrians crossing the streets can get a nasty shock in the form of a collision with a cyclist.

   I always look both ways when crossing the streets, although I shouldn't need to.  


I SAY there aren't any No Entry signs at the end of Pillory Street, which is correct, but to get to that point cyclists have to pass - and probably ignore - a No Cycling sign in High Street, by the flower bed. Maybe they walk across the Hospital Street junction before remounting their cycle for the ride down Pillory Street!

   There will be some reason why highways authorities won't allow it, but how about erecting two No Cycling signs at the end of Pillory Street in the same way as there were two No Entry signs? Wouldn't this make it


clearer to cyclists that they cannot ride down the street? Probably not. Since when have many cyclists ever thought that road traffic rules apply to them?

   There are side streets off Hospital Street and Pillory Street so it would be possible for cyclists to ride the wrong way down either street having ridden in from one of those.

   It is possible to cycle along the footpath on the Mill Street side of High Street without being stopped. By that I mean there is no No Cycling sign on that side of the flower bed. And so cyclists could believe they are doing nothing wrong. Assuming they would know what the image-only (no words) No Cycling sign is telling them.


I WAS waiting to cross at a pedestrian crossing, in a different street, when a cyclist came along the road, turned on to and rode across the crossing, and cut across the mouth of the adjacent junction.

   Although I hadn't reacted to his escapade, he felt he had to explain. "I'm trying to get across (the junction) before the lights change," he shouted. Having missed me as I waited for the "green man".

   That's another place where pedestrians have to be extra careful as a cyclist will often ride across the junction, through red lights, and despite the "green man" signalling that pedestrians have the right of way.

   You have to look both ways, as well as where you are going, when using a pedestrian crossing. it would seem. 

   I said this situation was an accident waiting to happen. Let's hope it doesn't take one before something is done.


There are No Cycling signs on both sides of this post at the Pillory Street end of High Street.


If the long-accepted design of the "No Cycling" sign is not understood, perhaps a simple words-only sign such as this is the answer.


It might be thought that the fewer signs the better if they could affect a magnificent town centre building such as this one on the corner of Hospital Street (left) and Pillory Street. In an earlier existence it was P.H.Chester's grocery business.  (See this item)

The wider path from The Square to Pillory Street, without a No Cycling sign   The Gullet end of Hospital street - with No Entry signs
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