A Letter from Nantwich

June 2007 (2)                                                            

Healthy progress at the new centre














The Nantwich Health Park as it is due to look next summer.

Picture used, with permission, from the Henry Davidson

 Developments website


 Below: the building as it actually is at this date




AFTER a couple of years' delay because of "legal technicalities" (Nantwich Chronicle, April 2007), Nantwich Health Park is making excellent progress - as the steel framework (right) shows - on a part of the Civic Hall car park and what used to be the Crowsfoot Centre site.

   The 6.5million health centre is due for completion next summer, when it will house the doctors and staff from Kiltearn, Tudor and Beam Street medical centres. The current Beam Street health centre is a few yards away to the left of my picture. The three current centres will all close once the health park opens.

   Work began on the building (by Pochin's of Middlewich) in April. As the current Chairman of Nantwich Town Council (Cllr Bill McGinnis) told the Nantwich Chronicle at the time: "We were getting so many new arrivals into the town and all our surgeries were operating closed lists. People were complaining they couldn't find a doctor."

   Central and Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust is the body which has commissioned the 39,000 sq ft building, designed by Jefferson Sheard Architects for Henry Davidson Developments of Nottingham, who procured the site and are developing the scheme. 


   Unlike the present surgeries which concentrate on medical care (there is an emergency dental clinic next to the Beam Street centre), the new park will provide Nantwich people and those from surrounding villages, with NHS services - many of which patients now have to travel to Leighton Hospital for. These are dental care, physiotherapy, podiatry, nursing and midwifery, minor operations, phlebotomy, and an on-site pharmacy. Not to mention 20 GPs' consulting rooms and administrative areas. A real one-stop shop.

   The minor operations facility reminds me of the Cottage Hospital which once stood just off Welsh Row in Welshman's Lane, where the local GPs carried out procedures such as varicose vein removals. There are new houses now on that site.


l I RECALL that a vegetable garden stood on the area now occupied by the car park and the new development.

    It was just across a lane, nicknamed Dicky's Lane (I'm not sure what it's real name was) from Nantwich  C of E Primary School - affectionately known as Dicky's Lane College, of course. Older pupils were given a gardening lesson.



   Scheduled classes were cancelled and we were all taken to the gardens and called upon to pick produce.

   I forget what it was but I don't recall getting any of it. I had a feeling that it was a school garden - although I am not sure why it was.

   Maybe produce for the school meals came from there - and that whatever we picked was getting very ripe in the sun.


FOOTNOTE (2014): The Health Park name didn't survive the construction of the building. It is now called

Church View Primary Care Centre.



The following sections have been updated in the light of what did eventually happen to the area, but the comments have been left in the appropriate date order to give an idea of what was known at the time   

 April 2008


(Rewritten in 2014)

IT was rumoured, as these things somehow are, that the ground floor of the new Nantwich "health park" would be the "home" of the administration staff - the background teams, not the receptionists, etc.

   There wasn't an announcement to this effect, as far as I knew, but when did that ever stop "the news" spreading?!



    The floors arrangement meant that the patients from the Nantwich Health Centre, the Tudor Surgery and Kiltearn Medical Centre would be on the two upper floors.

    True, there were to be lifts to the upper floors, but lifts are like banks to some elderly people. No-go areas.

    Patients would, hopefully, be mainly passing through, but the administration staff will be there full time.

    However, in the event the county council's community health services now occupy the ground floor. There are consulting rooms, rooms used as clinics as required and the dental clinic on the ground floor.

    At this stage, I still hadn't heard anything about the future of the present health clinic (to the far left of the pictures in this section).

   I was not the only one to think that it should be demolished and the land turned over to car parking to replace that lost to the Health Park.


   Would it become yet another site for private housing, I wondered.

   I was surprised about what actually became situated on the site . . .

 September 2008

Moved in

CONSTRUCTION work on Church View Primary Care Centre (to use its final name) was completed on Friday, June 6, 2008. Two weeks followed during which time the "furniture, fixtures and fittings" were installed.

   The medical people moved in between June 26 and July 18, beginning with the personnel of the Cheshire East Council Community Services Unit on the ground floor, followed by Nantwich Health Centre and Tudor Surgery on the first floor. Bringing up the rear, on the top floor, was Kiltearn Medical Centre.

    The primary care centre also has a minor operations suite, available to all the surgeries, and the nursing services and health visiting services are also based there.

    A leaflet available at the various surgeries, told patients that the decor is: Cheshire East Community Health Services, yellow; Nantwich Health Centre, blue; Tudor Surgery, red (is that a bit like when ships' surgical decks were painted red so that the blood wasn't so obvious?); and Kiltearn Medical Centre, green.

   The name for the centre was chosen from 100 suggestions from local people, with Church View being the favourite.

    The leaflet says the centre has been developed by Henry Davidson Developments and Assura Properties "to be easily accessed by the patients and local people of Nantwich". It was built by Pochin (although the leaflet doesn't say that).


    Two flights of stairs and two lifts take people to their respective health centre.

    I counted around 40 new car parking spaces at the side of the centre, which may make up for those lost under the new building.

    Some of these are on land which was part of the old Crowsfoot Centre, so knocking down the old health centre to provide new spaces might not be necessary. I had wondered why the Powers That Be couldn't purchase the building, demolish it, and create replacement car parking.


THE centre was officially opened by the MP for Crewe and Nantwich, Mr Edward Timpson, in September 2008.


l Pictures: The view from the car park with the Dental Service entrance (left) and the main entrance (above) seen from the unnamed road to the Civic Hall car park;


 February  2010                                                                    June 2011

For sale - still

THE original health centre building, which backed on to Beam Street, is still on the market - 20 months after the primary care centre that replaced it was opened.

   Its windows are boarded and the plastic letters of its name are disappearing one by one from the wall.

   The local GPs' surgeries now operate (no pun intended) from the adjacent Church View P.C.C. Meanwhile, the old property and surrounding car park (totalling nearly three-




quarters of an acre) are described as a redevelopment site by the Manchester agents who have it on the market, with a suggested purchase price of 900,000. I see from the new Cheshire East Council planning department that the agents' suggested uses for the property are offices, retail, residential or mixed use.

   A while ago I would have put my money on it becoming residential, but there are premises and parcels of land in town which used to be designated residential which are now being sold as or for offices.    One that didn't



New owner for old centre

THE old health centre has a new owner. A board on the Beam Street side of the building says the site has been acquired by Keyworker Homes (North West) Ltd of Blackpool working in association with Eventus Properties of Wigan.

    Proposals for the use of the building were outlined at two public events in June 2011. An information sheet for the events said that the recent Cheshire Retail Study has identified "capacity in Nantwich to accommodate an additional retailer, particularly in the food sector."


The food store that moved on to the site 

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