A Letter from Nantwich

  Written in August 2007 :: amended and updated in July 2015                                            

How will they fit a block of 10 flats on this?









The site of a proposed block of flats

(The two-tone effect on the ground was produced in making the panoramic shot from two adjacent images)

I PACED out this piece of land as (very roughly) 15 yards by 40 yards - that's 600 square yards - and yet this is where property developers want to erect a four-storey block of 10 flats.

   It will be interesting to see how the block turns out - assuming it gets the go-ahead. The site is behind No 5 Chapel Court in Hospital Street.

   The council's planning officers were all for approval, but Nantwich Town Council, Nantwich Civic Society and nearby residents were opposed. 

   Reported in the Nantwich Chronicle of July 25, Muller Property Holdings said their plans "make the best and

most efficient use of an under-developed brownfields site



The entry passageway to Le Cafe de Paris

as seen from Hospital Street

New idea for site

THE car park was eventually bought by the adjacent Nantwich Methodist Church in Hospital Street. It is used by permit holders in the week and, with another car park owned by the church, for church members at weekends.  See here.


in Nantwich town centre" and "promotes its vitality".

   Sorry . . .?

   Until the near gale force winds which hit the area earlier this year, the site was fenced off (from the Morrison's superstore and car park) by a tall, black-painted hoarding fence on which were photographs of another of Muller's developments.

    A couple of years ago, word spread that the site was to be used as a car park for residents of nearby Chatterton House in Hospital Street. Well, nearby on foot that is. It would be quite a drive around town to reach the car park - ending up driving down a narrow unmade track (right) in front of Grocott's Row, a row of terraced houses.

   But it wasn't long after the car park idea made the rounds that others heard it was, in fact, earmarked for homes.

   Given that there is hardly any space for an apartment block (in my inexpert opinion) there will not be any room for car parking space - unless this is provided UNDER the block - as at another nearby development (See Letter102.htm).

   Where it is sited, the land would make a nice little car park for the coffee shop, Le Cafe de Paris in Hospital Street (left). That's at the far end of the site as seen in the picture at the top of page.

   The Hospital Street Methodist Schoolrooms - to the left of it (top picture) or to the right of the street scene (left) - might also like it.



l I have heard (2007) that the Methodist Church authorities have now sold their church building across Hospital Street (see this Letter) and will be using the money to convert the schoolrooms as a joint-use building. The site for the proposed flats would make a useful location for an extension for their premises.

l The new owner of the church building is generously allowing the Methodists to use the church until January 2009, I understand.


UPDATE: In March 2009 it was reported that an application by Regenesis had been withdrawn. It was reported at the March 5 meeting of Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council Development Control Committee. In March 2016, the church building is still sanding empty.





Another view of the access lane in front of Grocott's Row (left). The two cars are legitimately parked by residents of Vine Buildings, another terraced row behind the camera.   

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