A Letter from Nantwich

October 2008  (2)                                                                                         

Once a year - or all year?

The street scene in Beam Street . . . in mid October

NOTICE anything odd about this picture (above) taken in Beam Street, Nantwich, on October 16, 2008? Blue skies, sunshine - both unusual these days, when the weather has gone mad, in that its late even for an Indian Summer. But take a closer look at above street level. Yes, those are Christmas decorations.

   True, they are not lit (I don't think they're the lighting type), but the powers-that-be have beaten even the keenest of the domestic Christmas lovers who like to be the first to have the Christmas tree in place by erecting it on December 1.

   Right is the view along Church Lane early in November.  See below for more street scenes - and a surprise at a Nantwich church.

   Not that Nantwich is alone. The town of Coleford in Gloucestershire hit the headlines when they had even more obvious Christmas decorations up even earlier - Father Christmas, trees, tinsel, the lot. Their excuse? They were put up by volunteers and "it takes so long to put up the decorations we have to start early". Also, they can only work on Sundays. And for health and safety reasons - all those  checks that have to be made . . .

   I 'm not sure who put up the decorations, but I shall ask someone about the early action. Watch this space.

   It is already the case that decorations (such as the snowflake, left) stay up all year round - for cost reasons? Maybe this new lot will not be taken down after Twelfth Night. The metalwork by which Christmas trees are attached to shop fronts have also become a permanent fixture.

   I do know that it is the Lights Switch-on Evening on The Square on Saturday 22nd November, from 4.30pm to 5.30pm, but surely it doesn't take five weeks to put up the town's decorations?    

   "To every thing (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn) . . ." says the song. That is no longer the case (except for Victoria plums - which I love - but which have only a limited season). Some superstores are already selling mince pies, and hot cross buns have forsaken Easter (well, Good Friday) and seem to be available all year round. Easter eggs, at least the cream-filled ones, are another year-round treat.

   Remember when you knew it was July because there were strawberries in the shops? Now, they too, are on sale for much (if not all) of the year. It's no fun any more. No sense of something to look forward to.  


LATEST - Right: The Christmas tree goes up in

The Square on November 18, ahead of the

Switch-on of the lights on the 22nd. 

The decorations in Pepper Street

The decorations in Pillory Street


St Anne's Church, too


I was surprised to see the Roman Catholic Church of St Anne at Nantwich (to give its new full title) with a Christmas star decoration already in place in September.

   Not that it has gone up early. I am assured by a local resident that it was put up for last year's festive season and wasn't taken down on Twelfth Night. Or later. 

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