A Letter from Nantwich

November 2008                                                                                 

The pillar box that went to the wall         





Left: The site of the axed pillar box.


Right: as it appeared in a home-made Christmas card sent to me by a friend.

THIS patch of tarmac is all that remains to remind local people of the pillar box that stood on this site. Until, that is, the health and safety people at Royal Mail decided it was not safe to let it stay.

   Was it in danger of toppling over? No. Was the slot for the letters too small and might trap someone's hand, or have a sharp edge that might cut them? No and no.

   The problem was the tiny wall in front of the pillar box. It might cause difficulties for the postmen and women or the public. Ridiculous. An adult could easily reach over to post a letter or empty the box.

   And any child could have stood safely on the wall and dropped the mail in the box with the supervision of a responsible adult. Any child too small to reach even from the wall could have been held up to the box by the adult.

   The pillar box stood on the corner of the forecourt in front of Hospital Street Methodist Church (see final paragraph) and the wall is part of the barrier that runs right across the front of the area - apart from the entrance, of course.

   But in these days of the farce of legal action left, right and centre faced by local authorities and others, the Royal Mail decided it was better to move the pillar box away from the wall. To date, the box hasn't been re-sited (see panel below).

   I suppose - to be fair - you can't blame the Royal 

Mail in a way. It is much cheaper to move the box  






Two other views of the site

than risk having to pay out a big sum to someone incapable to doing something simple like safely posting a letter when there is the smallest obstacle to their endeavours.

   There has been no suggestion that the wall caused


problems for people in wheelchairs. The letter slot in the pillar box may have been too high even without the wall, in any case. 

UPDATE 2014: The building above right is no longer the Methodist Church. See here.







And then there's this one . . .


HERE'S another interesting and - I believe - well-used post box. It's in the wall of a shop on the corner of Pillory Street and Love Lane.

   As it is built into the wall it is presumably not a danger to users or passers-by. I mean, no one can fall over it or hurt themselves posting a letter. Can they?

   As such, it is presumably safe from being removed. For the time being. 


  MARCH 2009                                                           













New posting for pillar box


THIS would appear to be the pillar box that was removed from outside Nantwich Methodist Church in Hospital Street. Correct monarch (monogram on the front of the box), second hand and in the right area. And there wasn't one at the Hospital Street end of The Cocoa Yard before the end of March.

   For those who aren't aware of it, the small box on the lamp post next to the pillar box is for the safe disposal of cigarette













ends. How long will it be before some idiot decides - just as a joke, of course - to stub theirs out in the red "cigarette box" instead?   I think I might be wary of posting anything in this pillar box unless the postman was due to collect the letters very soon.

   My thanks to Paul Simpson who spotted the pillar box and sent me the picture. 


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