A Letter from Nantwich

Witten in May 2009 -  updated October 2014                                                                   

Steps too far in road improvements?

Council decides to remove controversial traffic island



Left: Traffic near to Queen's Drive waits for approaching traffic to pass. 

 Right: The pedestrian island partially seen in the image left


THE improvements in Welsh Row in 2009 included the traffic regulating island (pictured above, left and right).

   It halted traffic travelling along Welsh Row away from the town centre if there was traffic going to the town centre on the road. 

   After comments, if not complaints, about the island


one local councillor announced in 2014 that he was trying to have the road layout changed back to what it was - free flowing both ways. Almost no sooner said than done, a notice appeared on the Town Council's website saying that Cheshire East Council was going to remove the island.  


   This happened at the end of October and Welsh Row was closed between Red Lion Lane and Queen's Drive, with the Waterlode and Welsh Row being the alternative route

l See the foot of the page for a view of the road after the removal of the island. 












The new feature in Welsh Row (note the new paving). A piece of history has been lost.


Right: the wider - well, taller - picture.


WELSH ROW has been made lorry-free at last. No longer need the old buildings shake as heavy transport vehicles make their way through the town centre to other towns of areas in the vicinity.

  I took a stroll along the street shortly after the 300,000 project - which started in January and ran for 10 weeks - was completed. I saw the re-laid and widened footpaths and the priority give-way points. But I missed the dropped kerbs and "tactile paving" in the side roads (mainly because I forgot I was supposed to be looking for them).

   But one thing I did see was a new arrangement for the kerb in the area of Tudor Cottage on a bend in Welsh Row. Gone were the posts and chains which protected a drop on the bend where some time in the past the camber had been improved. In their place were two steps created from dark bricks.

   All very nice, but I think I preferred the 10 or more posts and chains (right, here are three of them outside Tudor Cottage). It's not the end of the world, and the steps are nice enough. But it is a piece of history that is lost to us.

   I have an old picture of Nantwich (which I can't show you for copyright reasons*) taken in 1898 


showing the road level is the same as the pavement. There is no camber on the bend. All right, I mean I don't want to pay a fee to the famous firm whose photographer took the picture!  

   I don't know when the road authorities decided a camber would help drivers. The chains always seem to have been there as far as I am concerned.  


lMEASURES to keep the road for lighter vehicles include the priority give-way points that I mentioned earlier (see panel above). Motorists driving away from the town centre in the Queen's Drive area of the street are confronted with give-way road markings and a physical traffic island (as well as a further pedestrian crossing point a couple of yards further on).

   This means that vehicles driving towards the town centre have a right-of-way priority. But that's only fair as a similar arrangement outside Malbank School (below) meant they had to give way to traffic heading out of town.    

   There is an added bonus for motorists as there is more parking following the introduction of the new measures.

   Actually, I suppose, the parked cars are playing their part in the traffic calming.  


Left: The priority give-way arrangement outside Malbank School. The keep-clear markings leaving the way open for school buses and vehicles entering or leaving the entrance on the left must cause problems, if not confusion, at certain times of the day. 





Right: A

traffic-calming measure near to Marsh Lane


The problem road junction area is clear of obstacles again







Traffic flowing freely in Welsh Row in June 2015. The island was, of course, just about where the blue car is. 



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