Step inside the church centre

WITH the exception of Broad Lane Methodist Church on the outskirts of Nantwich, the Methodist Church Centre in Hospital Street is the last of a group of Methodist churches.

   It was in 1966 that the Central Methodist Church in Hospital Street was created from the amalgamation of the Barony, Pillory Street and Hospital Street churches.

   The Barony church is now a building trade materials centre, the Pillory Street one has been demolished and the site is a supermarket car park, and the Hospital Church is standing empty after a plan to convert it into apartments was withdrawn in 2009.

   In 2000, the Welsh Row church became part of the Central Methodist Church. That building is now on the market for possible office use, although half of it has been taken up.

   In 2006, the church people decided to sell the ornate building across the road from the Schools building and convert the latter into an all-purpose church centre. See this Letter from Nantwich for more on that.  

   The main hall in the centre is where services are


held and is the place where the Drop 'n'  Shop which looks after church members' children, happens. This means that a team of people have to move in on Saturday afternoons and clear away the various items used by the children and set out rows of comfortable chairs.

   Saturday mornings are also the time for weekly coffee mornings, put on to raise money for the church centre or one if its organisations which take over running the event.

   Local organisations such as the Nantwich Group of the  Family History Society of Cheshire can hire another of the rooms in the former schoolroom for their activities.

   The building also has a small chapel, which doubles up as a meeting room for church officials, an office, and a youth room.

   Outside is a traverse wall - a variation on a climbing wall, but the youngsters travel sideways not upwards and are never more than a few inches off the floor.

   A further area provides a small car park, and the church has acquired an adjoining area for additional parking. (See links at the foot of this page).

































The altar all set for the next day's services










The chapel just off the

main hall

Left: Young church members can take it easy in the comfortably-furnished youth room, also known as the Upper Room.

Right: Arthur Abbott takes drink requests from patrons at one of the twice-weekly coffee mornings.

Left: The main hall after a Drop 'n' Shop session with the children's equipment awaiting removal before the seating for the services is put out.

Right: The modern design stairs to the upper storey.

Left: The main lounge which can be hired by local groups and societies for their activities.

Right: The traverse wall, on which - as the name suggests - participants cross sideways rather climb up it



 Minister is also a writer


  WHEN he is not attending to his church duties, the Rev Malcolm G. Lorimer is

  a writer.

    His first book, "Saints and Sinners" - 12 tales of crime and the clergy - is

  selling well. As a card advertising the book says: "Themes of the stories

  include murder, deception, lust, greed, envy, hate and witchcraft - the usual

  attributes found in the average church congregation!!!"

    His book can be bought from Nantwich Book Shop - the proprietor of which

  just happens to be a church member.


Previous name for centre

The Nantwich Methodist Church Centre used to be called Wesleyan Methodist Schools AD 1908

according to lettering beneath the upper windows.


Car park extension where office was planned

Bid to acquire Nantwich signal box

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Longer line for church train


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