Civic Hall reaches a new stage

Plans to extend hall in new role for community (December 2016)

Church campaign

Bid to save church as

an arts centre

  (March 2007)

Updated November 2016

Letters from Nantwich

FROM time to time I get the urge to write about something going on in my home town. I suppose it is a little like being responsible for producing an opinion column in a newspaper. Click on the photograph or heading to read a letter.

    Letters updated in later years have been brought to the start of the listing. Some updates (click here for the letter updates index) have been incorporated into the original letters and remain in chronological order in the listing.

   The letters and updates are only accurate as at the date they were written.


Trio of homes sites

Three lots of new housing in one area of town  

(August 2016)

Is idea pie in sky?

Will the walled garden ever be restored?

(February 2009)

Updated October 2015 and August 2016

Changes in church

Parish Church gets a new look for spring

(February 2016)


Daffs survive battle

Fears for safety of floral display in battle replay

(January 2016)


"Show" was real

Helicopter "drama" a genuine emergency

(October 2015 - 2)

No two ways about it

Don't cyclists see the signs in one-way street?

(October 2015)

Work begins

Delayed aqueduct work gets under way

(September 2015)

Original January 2008

All along the way

Town marks a stage of new pilgrimage route

(May 2015)

Flowers in favour

Wave upon wave of golden daffodils

(April 2015)

Cat's whiskers

Cat that got cream

(April 2014)

Updated February 2015

Steps too far?

Piece of history lost in road works

(May 2009)

Updated October 2014

It's in the name

Wrong name users should be pilloried!

(July 2014)

New name for hall

Venue for hire is renamed by group

(November 2010)

Updated 2014

End of an era

Popular venue comes

to a close

(October 2007)

Updated 2014

Church with a train

A look around an impressive building 

(April 2012)

Updated October 2013

Toilets close

Half of town's toilets

flushed away

(May 2011)

Updated May 2013

Red for Greenway?

Will new cycle path wipe out greenery?

(September 2010)

Updated 2013

Coffee flavour

There's an awful lot of coffee shops . . .

  (July 2006)

Updated April 2014

Signs moved

In-town directions

hit by vandals

(May 2013 - 2)


Job done

Development on Job Centre site complete

(May 2013)


Assets acquired

Town Council's list keeps growing

(February 2013)


Battling weather

No problem over staging annual event

(January 2013 - 2)

Time to revert?

Lack of road signs still causing trouble

(January 2013)

Train service plan

Church's miniature

train has big plans

(August 2012)

Battle at risk

Organisers need help for popular event

(September 2011 - 2)

Whose left of way?

Confrontation on the Greenway

(September 2011)

Looping the loop Facelift boosts stroll

on edge of Nantwich

(April 2011 - 2)

Updated 2015

Life as we know it

Local people tell of town's groups

(April 2011)

Greenway red light?

Will pedestrian and riders way spoil things?

(September 2010)

Update 2013 

That sinking feeling

Town centre shop in collapse drama

(September 2010)

Housing for future

College wants 550 homes on land

(August 2010)

Spending the fund

Council wants money spending ideas

(July 2010)

Shadows over event

Will Food and Drinks Festival take place?

(March 2010 - 3)

Fair fees for all

Call for same parking charges all round

(March 2010 - 2)

Then there were two

Long-established butcher closes

(February 2010 - 3)

Bigger attraction

Popular town event expands programme

(February 2010 - 2)

Riverside safe

All hard work to be saved by new group

(February 2010)

The Cat is back

Another old name returns to town

(January 2010)

Oh, Christmas cone

New shape of the

festive season

(December 2009)

Barbecue weather?

The weather forecast that went so wrong

(September 2009)

Say cheese show

Setting the gold and silver standards

(August 2009 - 2)

All round the houses

Strange road routes in and through town

(June 2009)

Open area at risk

A building is planned for this open space

(March 2009)


Door goes west

Scaffolding for church work mars pictures

(February 2009)

Misery in store

Bleak Christmas awaits "Woolies" ' staff

(December 2008)

Post box goes to wall

"Dangerous" letter box has to go

(November 2008)



Just ?? days to go

Christmas comes early to town centre

(October 2008 - 2)


Festival aftermath

Commemoration site already damaged

(October 2008)

Battle saved

Volunteers save the day for commemoration

(July 2008)

Pubs call time

One pub saved, three stay closed

(June 2008)

The umbrella tree

A look at the items left in a tea shop

(June 2008)


New lamps for old

Seeing the light

over changes

(April 2008 - 5)

Town responds 

Public fight plan to downgrade medics

(April 2008 - 4)

One, two trees . . . 

Two stories of trees in the town

(April 2008 - 3)

Seats of learning

Sit and relax while you learn our history

(April 2008 - 2)

Bridging the gap

New link to favourite town centre venue

(April 2008)

Quality assured

Town Council gains recognition for work

(March 2008 - 2)

LNWR returns

Railway company returns to town

(March 2008)

Baronia is back

One of town's clothing labels returns

(February 2008)

The axe falls

The bad news hits the town (Chronicle)

(January 2008 - 3)

Wicked witch . . .

Memories of a previous take-over plan

(January 2008 - 2)

Signed, sealed ?

And then there will be one . . . post office

(November 2007)

Cheers for pub

Old name returns to

the Nantwich scene

(September 2007 - 2)

New images 2015

A second Mews

Two locations in town with same name

(September 2007)

Praise for Council

No really . . . I like the new recycling bins!

(August 2007 - 3)

A site for flats

How can 10 new

homes fit in here?

(August 2007 - 2)

Updated July 2015

End of the road

Drivers in Road

Closed confusion

(July 2007 - 2)

Battle won

Grant for summer

muster agreed

(July 2007)

June is orange

Road works will hit the tourists' pictures

(June 2007 - 3)


Healthy progress

The new health park is coming on well

(June 2007 - 2)


Signs problem

Why motorists don't

use ring road...?

(June 2007)



New problem for Millennium clock

  (February 2007)

Battle rages

Planned change to event causing unrest

  (January 2007)

Just a TIC

Tourist Info office moves into new home

  (October 2006)

Updated 2015

Bin bugs

Residents up in arms over "spies" in bins

  (September 2006)

Improving areas

Facelift plan for parts of town announced

  (August 2006)

Clock watching

Pavement plaques guide the tourists

  (June 2006)

Down by riverside

A miscellany of riverbank items

(April 2006)

Convenient centre

A letter that's a load of rubbish . . .

(February 2006)

TIC revisited

New thoughts on Tourist Info Centre

(January 2006)

Conflict may spread 

A plan to move battle commemoration 

(August 2005 -3)

Conquering worries

An old conker tree is safe in planning plea 

(August 2005 - 2)

Making the News

A former colleague retires from journalism.

(August 2005)

All-in-one building

Some ideas on a tourism building.

(July 2005)

No homes here

Campaign to have  street confirmed.

(June 2005)


A Gem of a Video

The story of the making of a video.

(April 2005)

A Disaster in Winter

The Great Fire of Nantwich in 1583.

(December 2004)


All Sewn Up

End of an era as last clothing factory shuts. 

(September 2004)


Back to the Sixties

The old Nantwich Carnival recalled.

(August 2004)


Paid to live here

The story of the Beam Heath Trust.

(July 2004)


Lean times

Correcting a tilt in the town's war memorial.

(June 2004)


Ship Ahoy

Raising  the second salt ship to be found.

(January 2004)


Wind in the Willows

A problem with trees blocking river views.

(September 2003)


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