Seeing the town from a different angle


Property in Welsh Row can be seen just a little above the centre of this image with homes in Queen's Drive (top left) on the Millfields Estate and Marsh Lane (top right). The new development in St Anne's Lane is the larger homes towards the top left-hand corner. In the foreground is Byron's Walk and adjacent streets on the Kingsley Village development. Nantwich's former walled garden is between Welsh Row and Byron's Walk. [Read more below]. On the far right of the image, about halfway up, and facing Welsh Row, are the Tollemache Almshouses (the one with a large tree in one of the gardens). To the left of that can be seen Malthouse Cottage.


ANDREW Lamberton is a regular contributor to this website, although it is usually as a well-known Nantwich historian. But here, he comes right up to date (as long as you're reading this in 2015!).

   He took to the air in a high-wing Cessna aircraft over the town and captured the scene with his camera.

  The pilot was Graham Dean, a former classmate of Andrew's at Manor Road School. At a class reunion they got talking about Graham's flying pastime. 

   The round trip from Sleap to Nantwich took an hour - 20 minutes each way flight time and a similar amount of time taking the images.


WHAT might seem like a lot of greenery is an Elizabethan walled garden that has seen better days. It can be seen in relation to the Welsh Row area in the picture above - in the centre of the left-hand side of the image.

   Bottom right is the roundabout at the top of Fairfax Drive, and centre right are houses in King's Court. Bottom left are Byron's Walk homes.

   The garden used to provide vegetables and other plants for the Wilbraham family of Townsend House, in Welsh Row

   The garden of which only a small corner can be seen, in the centre left of the image, is actually the end of a garden of a property in Welsh Row.







IN this image, Andrew and Graham are over the town centre.

   Just to the left of centre, near to the top of the image, is St Mary's Parish Church with the churchyard in front of it. Slightly down and to the left of that is The Square. The war memorial can be seen, with a background of trees.

   Over to the right, and near to the top of the image, the car park locates Morrison's supermarket.

   At the bottom right, The Waterlode cuts across the corner of the image with the junction with Shrewbridge Road off to the right.

   Across the bottom of the image is Mill Island with Castle Court just above it.

   What else can you pick out?



The images are the copyright of

Andrew Lamberton

and Graham Dean



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