Your guide to images from town's history

LOCAL historian Andrew Lamberton spends a fair bit of his time at the county's Records Office doing research for one project or another. And he is often accompanied by fellow enthusiast, Judy St. Pourcain. The pair view old copies of the Nantwich Chronicle and Nantwich Guardian among other documents.

   Andrew then sends me the pictures - and accompanying details - which he captured with his



digital camera during their work. All such pictures are used courtesy of Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies.


Other pictures have been sent to me by family tree expert, Paul Simpson. They are from the family album, taken by his grandfather, Jack Wainwright, who was an employee of the old Nantwich Urban District Council.


Just one point: From time to time website visitors ask Andrew if he has a particular picture. Often he does and he is pleased to share it. However, we also reserve the right to use the picture in this feature for the benefit of other visitors.

   If you ask for a picture we will assume that you are happy with us using your e-mail address, including your name.  

Old Nantwich Pictures 1

Welsh Row floods, Beam Street houses, Hospital Street houses, and Beam Heath Trustees.


Old Nantwich Pictures 2

Wellington Road floods, building homes in Manor Road North, and a Nantwich bank note.


Old Nantwich Pictures 3

Snow Hill.


Old Nantwich Pictures 4

Nantwich and Acton Grammar School pupils of 1936.


Old Nantwich Pictures 5

A cottage in Marsh Lane.


Old Nantwich Pictures 6

Long lost view of Beam Street.


Old Nantwich Pictures 7

Dr Munro.


Old Nantwich Pictures 8

The Brine Baths Hotel.


Old Nantwich Pictures 9 and 9a

Willaston School (also known as St Joseph's School and Elim Bible College).


Old Nantwich Pictures 10  

Harvey's tannery.


Old Nantwich Pictures 11

P.H.Chesters, grocers.


Old Nantwich Pictures 12

Mystery jug from Townsend House.


Old Nantwich Pictures 13

Heath Keeper's Cottage (Beam Heath).


Old Nantwich Pictures 14

Acton Amateur Operatic Society.


Old Nantwich Pictures 15

Pratchitt's Row.


Old Nantwich Pictures 16

Market Street School 1913-14, The Square in the 1930s, and Nantwich Station coal wharf in 1964.


Old Nantwich Pictures 17

Teacher believes he knows to pupils of old Nantwich picture.


Old Nantwich Pictures 18

Market Street school master recalls his colleagues.



Old Nantwich Pictures 19

Carnival picture recalls memories of grandmother's house


Old Nantwich Pictures 20

Memories of a Welsh Row shop, and its neighbouring property which was demolished.


Old Nantwich Pictures 21

An early Crosville bus in the local countryside.


Old Nantwich Pictures 22

The Friends' Meeting House as it used to be.


Old Nantwich Pictures 23

Two interesting old buildings in Welsh Row


Old Nantwich Pictures 24

The building that went from alehouse to cocoa house in one of the town's oldest streets.


Old Nantwich Pictures 25

"Lost" image brings to light a piece of Nantwich history. And a second picture shows another one.

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