Four images from the archives

HERE are four pictures from the bound files of "The Nantwich Chronicle", now in the custody of Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies, and used with their permission. They were photographed by local historian, Andrew Lamberton. 

   In a loose newspaper form there are adequate borders around the pages, but when the newspapers are bound into files - with hard back covers - some of the space on the folded edges of the pages is lost in the binding. Pictures at the inner edge of the pages then curve into  

the binding. The picture of the Beam Heath Trustees is one such picture - as it was captured by Andrew's picture.

   Another version of the picture, not curved this time, can be seen on the This and That pages.

Floods in the street

IT'S funny, but I have always had 1947 in my mind as the date that the River Weaver overflowed its banks and flooded Welsh Row. But all local historical references put it a year earlier, and Andrew found this picture in a 1946 edition of The Chronicle. (The picture is credited: "Armstrong, Crewe".)

   As you can tell from the car in the background, the water wasn't all that deep, but enough to call for a horse and cart to carry pedestrians through the flooded street. Some local books carry a postcard of this.

   This picture includes the old Three Pigeons pub - the lighter building just past the brick-faced properties.

   That has been demolished and made way for Nakatcha, the white faced building in the street view above, as seen today.

   In the more recent flood of 2007, the waters did not get as high as in the 1946 picture.



1946 picture courtesy of Cheshire and Chester Archive

and Local Studies


"Poor standard of fitness"

ACCORDING to the caption when this picture appeared in a series called "Disappearing Nantwich?", the County Medical Officer (not named) said these cottages (numbers 71 to 97 Beam Street) were "incapable of being brought up to a proper standard of fitness."

   He added: "They should be demolished and the site cleared and re-developed."

   I recall that these cottages weren't demolished until the mid to late 1960s, which means that the wheels of local government turned slowly in that decade.





King Place (left) now stands on the site.









Original picture courtesy of Cheshire and

Chester Archives and Local Studies






Hospital Street scene

SWEET Briar Hall, to the right of this old picture (left), locates the site of the now-demolished cottages in Hospital Street.

   Note the railings along the kerb, clearly indicating that pavement was slightly below street level. There is no such difference nowadays.




   The accommodation there today (right) are the flats on the Hospital Street edge of Bowling Green Court, specifically provided for people over 55 years of age.   








Picture courtesy of Cheshire and Chester

Archives and Local Studies


Unique trustees

CUSTODIANS of a Unique Trust, is the Nantwich Chronicle headline over this picture - taken by Clifford V. Kendall, the Nantwich commercial photographer - of the Beam Heath Trustees.

    Standing, left to right, are: S.Barlow (Collector), S.Speed (Heath Keeper), W.T.Maybury, S.Davies, Dr J.R.T.Turner, Cllr J.Blagg, J.N.Hilditch and A.R.Whittingham. Sitting are E.Moulton, H.T.Johnson, E.H.Steventon, J.Bowyer (Chairman), L.Vaughan, H.Whitlow and W.H.Owen.

   The caption to the picture said "(The land) was secured for the community by a deed more than 600 years ago and more firmly established by two Acts or Parliament dating back to 1803."

   Beam Heath is common land around Nantwich which, together with the Trust, is still in existence. Read more about the Beam Heath Trust on this page.

Picture courtesy of Cheshire and

Chester Archives and Local Studies.


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