£1 million to be spent on town improvements

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A fenced-off area on The Square where pavings which have been depressed by vehicles are being re-laid.

   Note the area to the left of the image - filled with water on a wet  and windy day - which is the next area to be repaired.  




JEFF Stubbs, Chairman of the Nantwich Partnership, gives the background to a £1million project.





WHAT wonderful news it is for the town that Cheshire East Council has allocated £1million for improving the public realm of Nantwich.

   The success in achieving this very significant commitment from our borough council is due largely to some productive teamwork - that of The Nantwich Partnership.

   As website visitors can read here, we are a group of local organisations who came together to get involved in the future prosperity of Nantwich.

   We decided that, as a partnership, we could achieve more than if we just did our own work separately. We all took the decision to work together in a positive spirit on various projects to improve the attractiveness - and hence the business success - of our town.

   As I said previously, the groups that came together  are: Nantwich Civic Society; Crewe and Nantwich Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Nantwich Museum; Nantwich Town Council and Cheshire East Council.

   We take the view that, by sharing the same vision for Nantwich and working to each others’ strengths, we could get more funding and community involvement for the town.

   We have consulted local people over the past year and we have decided to concentrate on improving the historic surfaces and features in and around the town centre.

  Cheshire East Council has already got to work on the Partnership’s priority of getting the uneven pavings, causing puddles, and bad drains sorted out in the town centre (see pictures).

  They are also getting rid of those chamfered edging pavers that can cause difficulties for pedestrians.

   We have also supported the Canals and Rivers Trust (previously British Waterways) scheme to repair the aqueduct at Welsh Row Head. (See here).

   More projects still have to be taken forward but we















Two of the workmen brush sand into the gaps between the bricks, completing the resurfacing.


need to find the funds. The public consultations showed good support for the following works:

l Repaving the Churchyardside pathways in better quality surfaces that fit in with the beautiful historic gem of St Mary's parish church. 

l  We also want to bring attention to The Old Biot salt spring on the bank of the River Weaver near to Welsh Row bridge. As the main remaining salt spring, still pumping brine into the open-air swimming pool, it is unique. Currently, it is a little-known piece of the town’s early history.

  The project will involve clearing the area around it and then working on a design to make an attractive, historic and interesting amenity area with information about the


Old Biot and the salt industry of Nantwich.

lRepairing the car park at Nantwich Lake after the

year-long water pipe works.

l Improving and extending riverside walks, especially close to the town centre.

l There was also strong support for the hydroelectric project on the Weaver at Mill Island. (See here).

   Other schemes can come forward at any time and we shall respond to ideas from the community.

   If any website visitors have suggestions or unused urban design skills for schemes do get in touch by leaving your details for me at Nantwich Museum (Pillory Street) or Nantwich Civic Hall (Market Street).

About Nantwich Partnership

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