The town's two tanneries from old maps

FOLLOWING on from the page about Harvey's Tannery, Paul Simpson, who writes the Family Lines feature, has supplied two maps of Nantwich's tanneries - Harvey's in Millstone Lane and Blud's



 (whIch rhymes with 'rude') in Welsh Row.

    Paul told me that it could be that No 165 (the "inverted W" shaped house in the map) was owned by the same people at some time. He said he didn't


 know the history of the building, except that his great grandfather, Walter Green, owned it for a time.









Harvey's Tannery in Millstone Lane (that's the road on the right of the map).



The images are from the 1851 board of health maps.










Blud's tannery in Welsh Row (the road runs across the top right-hand

corner of the map), together with 165 Welsh Row, the almshouses

across the road and Nixon's Row in the bottom right-hand corner.

 165 Welsh Row is now three apartments.

In the bottom centre of the picture is what looks like a park.

 This is new to me - when I was a boy and went along Nixon's Row

delivering papers, that area - or part of it - was a compound for hens.

Note the parish boundary at the top of the map.  

WALTER Green was born on February 4, 1897, at the family home, 41 Hospital Street Nantwich.

   His father was William Henry Green, born March 1847 and a house painter by trade. His mother was Eliza Garnett, born 1850. Both parents came from Nantwich and were married between 1871 and 1875.

   Walter was one of five children, his older siblings were Hannah born in 1876, William Henry born in 1877 and Ada born in 1878. His one younger brother was John born in 1883.

   On the 1881 census return, his father is working and his mother is not, so at the time house painting must have been a well paid occupation.

   Walter's father William died in 1883 and by the time of the 1891 census Eliza and all of the children had moved to 4 Anglesey Buildings, Crewe Road, Nantwich. Eliza, then 40, was working as a tailoress finisher.

   Hannah, 15, had the same occupation as her mother. Young William was an office boy aged 14, and 13-year-old Ada a tailoring apprentice. Walter and John were shown as scholars.

   Between 1891 and 1901, Walter finished his education and got a job with the co-operative society as an assistant grocer in the Willaston shop. He would eventually be the assistant manager of the Nantwich branch.

   On December 31, 1900, he got married to 19-year-old Alice Dudley at St. Mary's Parish Church, Nantwich. Witnesses to the weddings were William and Ada Edwards

   The 1901 census shows Walter and Alice living with


The Life of Walter Green

  Paul sheds some light on his grandfather - and the town in the early 1900s - in a piece of family history.



moved to 10 Arnold Street and by November 1913 to 54 Heap Street. The address is hard to find as it is actually 54 Heap Street, Cowfields. Today number 54 has been demolished and rebuilt and is now in James Hall Street.  (See also "Ask Andrew".)

   More children followed. Between January 1901 and November 15, 1927, Walter and Alice had 20 children - 10 of them dying very young.

   Walter signed up for the army in 1915 and was called up in 1918 to the Army Service Corps. His service number was 423923.

   To make ends meet, the couple took in lodgers and the longest resident was a police officer, Mr Marshall (left). He was with the family so long that he even appeared on some family photographs.

   Other homes included 165 Welsh Row (Walter is listed in the 1934 Johnson's Almanack) and 61 Welsh Row, called Anglesey House.

   Walter died on February 12, 1947, at the age of 68, while Alice lived for a further 10 years, moving house again to 72 Beam Street. She died on March 29, 1957 aged 75.

   Both Walter and Alice were buried in St. Mary’s parish churchyard, Acton.

   No 165 is listed with English Heritage as: "165 Welsh Row Tannery House, Grade II listed, three-storey, red-brick detached town house, late 18th century."

lAnyone interested in tracing their ancestors and creating a family tree, might like to contact The Nantwich Group of The Family History Society of Cheshire.

her maternal grandfather, William Forster, at 76 Welsh Row.

    Alice’s parents were John Dudley and Hannah Forster.

    A little over a year later the first child was born, Edith Alice, on January 1, 1901, but unfortunately died three days later on the 4th. William Henry was born on December 22, 1902, but once again short lived and died later the same day.

   January 1, 1902, was little better for the couple. Alice’s grandfather, William, died. If Alice and Walter were still living with him at the time, that was the point they would have to move out.

   At some point between this date and May 1910, they

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