See Nantwich and Cheshire in DVDs

IF you can't get to Nantwich and/or Cheshire, or you would like a record of your visit to the area,  why not buy

 one of the locally-produced videos. They can be sent to you by post (See the Jonboro Videos website for details)




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Curious Cheshire trilogy on sale

ALL three of the of videos covering curiosities in Cheshire became on sale with the launch of the third, "Further Cheshire Curiosities". The first two were "South Cheshire Curiosities" and "More Cheshire Curiosities".

   The scripts for them all are based on a manuscript that was produced at the request of a publisher but which had to be abandoned when a similar book by another author came on to the market. (That book is now out of print, I believe). I suggested to the writer that we should make a video version of his book-that-wasn't, which he agreed to do. It was decided to split it into three parts.





    A list of outlets appears on the Jonboro Videos website. The three DVDs sell at 10 each, but if you buy the complete trilogy as a single purchase the cost comes down to 27. People who bought the earlier DVDs as they came out will recall that they paid less than 10 at the time - so they've already had their lower price for all three DVDs . . . !

    All proceeds from the sale of the DVDs are for St Mary's Parish Church Restoration Appeal Fund, Nantwich.

   Video duplicating is by Nantwich company Downstream.


An armchair tour


THIS is an "armchair tour of St Mary's Parish Church" which takes the viewer into some places not seen by the visitor. It looks at the 650-year-old church in the company of the late Harold Forster MBE who was a regular tour guide at St Mary's. Harold wrote the commentary and spoke it on the video. He was also the producer.   

   This is an amateur production with all proceeds going to the funds of St Mary's. The producers did not get a penny out of it - in fact, it cost us money.   The 40-minute DVD is priced at 10.





   "The Jewel in the Town" can be bought at Nantwich Book Shop and Nantwich Museum.  Video duplicating is by Nantwich company Downstream.


oThe story of the making of "The Jewel in The Town" can be read in this Letter from Nantwich.


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Saved from the muddy soil


AS the then official photographer for Nantwich Museum, I was in from almost the start of the rescue of a salt ship from the sticky, muddy Nantwich soil where a terrace of modern houses was planned to be built. It had been discovered the year before I joined the Museum's team of volunteers, but then the excavation was filled in again while funds were raised to save the vessel,

   I was able to video the raising of the salt ship - a storage vessel for brine, from which we get salt, rather than something that sailed - and saw it in the preservation process in York. A scene featuring the new houses, and the launch (!) of  the salt





ship in a special ceremony in the Museum's Millennium Gallery, are further scenes in the 38-minute video - available in DVDs and a few VHS tapes. 

   Only two salt ships have been unearthed in the U.K. - and Nantwich has them both. What's more, there are two more that we know of, still under the ground in the town!

   "Ship Ahoy" can be bought at Nantwich Museum.

   Video duplicating is by Nantwich company Downstream.  


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Flowers in focus


A DOCUMENTARY of the 2011 flower festival at St Mary's Parish Church, Nantwich, is still available from Nantwich Book Shop in High Street.

   The festival recalled the work of the Rev Francis Pope (1832-1909) who wrote the words of the hymn "Angel Voices" and Dr Edwin George Monk (1819-1900) who wrote the tune. The work of other hymn writers was also remembered.

   Members of local flower clubs produced the arrangements which made up the




floral display. They were helped in the task by pupils from five local primary schools.

   ''In Praise of Flowers and Hymn Music'' costs 4.99. Nantwich Book Shop will send DVDs to you by post. See their website for details.


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A "guest" video

THIS is not one of the videos made by me, but as a Friend of Nantwich Players' Theatre I am happy to give it a mention. It was made by the sister and brother-in-law of one of the members of the award-winning amateur drama group to help with the 1.3million appeal to extend their theatre. As well as telling the story of the Players - from their formation to their present extension in Love Lane - there is a 




sequence (about half of the 40-minute DVD) about Nantwich. "From Mill Street to Love Lane" is currently on sale at Nantwich Book Shop and Nantwich Museum, 8. Or by post (10) from The Players' Theatre. Further details: Nantwich Players' website.


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