Tribute to Queen's 'amazing' 60 years

June 2012                                                                                                 SECOND OF FOUR NANTWICH IN BLOOM PAGES

WHEN anyone starts a comment with words such as “When I was with The Queen in Chester and Warrington last week .  ." they will probably be dubbed a name dropper.

    But not if they are the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire whose role it is to represent Her Majesty when she is not in the county, and to accompany her when she is. So no-one batted an eyelid when the Lord Lieutenant (right) said:

    “When I was with The Queen in Chester and Warrington last week, all we saw was lots and lots of smiling faces. Everyone on the streets was just so thrilled to see The Queen.

    “And as we celebrate the Jubilee today we, of course, say ‘Thank You’ to The Queen for leading our country so well for an amazing 60 years. What do we think of when we celebrate? The emotion we have is of pride and thanks for her leadership and for her great virtues of service, duty and stability.

    “It’s been a great 60 years. Most of you won’t have been here for 60 years but a few – looking round – have been. For those of us who have, I think you will agree it has been a great 60 years to be alive in the U.K. and with all the hardship some of us still face we enjoy a quality of life in 2012 that is immeasurably better than it was in 1952.

   “The Queen has done an extraordinary job of changing the Monarchy. What started with The Queen being respected with a sense of total awe has changed so that she really is quite clearly now regarded with enormous affection by all the people.

   “When The Queen began her reign she was Head of


State but what she has done is to add a new position. She has created it herself - Head of the Nation. Some might say Mother of the Nation. And this is a part of the job which, of course, has a personal quality as it includes issues like respect and loyalty, behaviour, values and service.

   “The result of all this is that we all feel we belong to the nation, and are proud to do so because The Queen is the leader of the nation.

   “Next month we will all be routing for Team GB at the Olympics.” [This brought cheers and applause from the assembled crowds].

   “It really makes a difference to this country that we all feel that sense of belonging to something important. And that’s why we feel we have a leader that we all admire and respect and because of that we all feel that we belong to the nation.

   “The Queen has given totally outstanding leadership for an amazing 60 years, and at the age of 86 she still works every single day, except for Christmas Day. And this, of course, is why she has earned the respect of us all. The Queen has given this country something which most countries of the world would love to have – continuity and dependability.   

   “The clever bit in all of this is that she has changed the Monarchy as the country and the world have changed.  

    “Boys and girls, we all need leaders and because The Queen is not political she represents every one of us no matter what our political views may be. She has given totally outstanding service and leadership to this

country, and indeed to The Commonwealth, and we  


The Lord Lieutenant addresses members of the public. Also pictured are the then Deputy Mayor of Cheshire East (Cllr Dorothy Flude) and the then MP for Crewe and Nantwich, Edward Timpson.


have this weekend much to celebrate.

  "I really hope you all have a fantastic party today and enjoy all the Diamond Jubilee celebrations over this long weekend. Have a great time and enjoy the celebrations.”


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