New town square bed flows in

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Members of the Nantwich in Bloom Committee planting out the flower bed. Left to right are Doug Butterill (Chairman), Margaret Lavin, Deborah Moran, David Smith and David Hinde.  Not in the picture is Elsie Bridge.












KATE McKenna's new design (right) for the flower bed in The Square was planted out by members of the Nantwich in Bloom Committee on June 11.

   The Chairman, Doug Butterill, led a team which used ageratum (for the blue of the design), lobelia bush (blue and white) and feverfew (for the green).

   Flower beds are usually level, if angled, but this has "valleys" and raised areas to enhance the design which depicts the River Weaver, the town's river.

   When it was finished, the bed had a civic launch with both the Mayor of Cheshire East (Cllr Margaret Simon) and the Town Mayor of Nantwich (Cllr Edith Williams) in attendance.

    Let's hope this year's flower bed fares better than last year's when vandals rampaged through it soon   


after it  was planted out.

   Fortunately, it could be rescued but that was completely unnecessary work for a few minutes "fun" by people with nothing better to do with their time.

    Being busy people in the community, members of the Nantwich in Bloom Committee do have much better things to do than carry out the work twice.       

   Doug Butterill said: "Kate McKenna has again come up with an excellent design for the flower bed. We asked her to think of the River Weaver because there is so much happening and planned there."


UPDATE, December 2009: Sadly the garden didn't reach the full potential and at its best didn't look like Kate McKenna's plan.  


Doug Butterill shows Kate's design to the Town Mayor of Nantwich, Cllr Edith Williams (left), and the Mayor of Cheshire East, Cllr Margaret Simon


The flower bed after planting out was completed.
















One for the album with Doug Butterill, Hollie Cooke and Vicky Evans

of Stapeley Water Gardens (who supplied the plants), Cllr Williams,

 Cllr Simon, and Connie Jones (Nantwich in Bloom Vice-Chairman).

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